9 July 2020

When will there be a cure for Covid-19?

THERE IS NO CURE for the common cold and that is thought to have been caused by a previous version of Coronavirus, so we have to consider the probability that a completely protective vaccine anytime soon is unlikely.   Expert opinions I've read vary from 18 months to 10 years (from Lab to Doctor's surgery) for a fully working vaccine.  

However, by giving the version of the virus that causes the respiritory illness Covid-19, nothing to feed on  is probably the most effective way to dodge the disease.  So if we keep as far away from potential carriers, wear face barriers (screens ans masks), wash our hands and the surfaces where the virus lingers, we should be able to keep the virus within manageble limits.

After Covid (AC), it's essential that scientists' working in epidemiology are properly funded and worldwide investment in health systems capable if identifying, then isolating these animal-based Coronaviruses before they have a chance to spread.  

According to W.H Allen, the author of: The Pandemic Century, and speaking in June 2020, scientists' working in Asia have identified 500 Coronaviruses (mainly in bats) and 50 of those,  have the potential to cause as much disruption and death as Covid-19.

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