15 May 2018

Donald Trump - fluke, or grand design?

Is now the time to stop fooling ourselves that Donald Trump is a political aberration that became the United States President by some kind of fluke, and accept that he's the World's most powerful leader by American design

After all, the Republican Party picked him out from a bunch of other nominees. The American people, in their millions, voted him in and, despite near universal world-wide derision, Donald Trump remains firmly in power.  

Donald Trump is not, in my view, in power because of unique, or special attributes, but because the majority of the American elite, followed by the American people, believe he can deliver what they wantSince his election, Donald Trump has given the wealthiest Americans what they wanted, mainly in the form of huge reductions in their corporate and personal taxes, but, in terms of workers rights and denial of universal healthcare, environmental damage, the and so on, the President has been less sucessful.   

Nevertheless, Donald Trump doesn't appear, as his critics fear, to be deliberately trying to start World War IIIIt seems to me, that he's more likely to have been put in place to manage America's withdrawal from the international stage and, at the same time, rescue America from what may believe to be an unsustainable, pro-active, US foreign policy.   In short, to put America first.

Recent events, support this view. In North Korea, Iraq and Syria, America has played a much smaller part than has been the case in similar conflicts that occurred during the Bush and Obama/Clinton years. Since Trump was engineered into the Whitehouse, it has been China and not the USA that has put in place the diplomatic arrangements for North Korea to make their peace with the South and shelve their nuclear plans.  Similarly, it was and still is, Russia, and not the USA, that has control of the civil war in Syria.

So, what next? Will this recent escalation of Middle Eastern conflict, triggered by the USA pulling out of the Iranian nuclear peace treaty, be resolved by American military might, or will it, once again, be left to others: Russia, China and possibly Israel and Iran this time, to resolve the Palestinian impasse?

My point is that the World should not be surprised that Donald Trump is putting into practise what he said he wanted do all along.  In his inauguration speech, and a million times before and since, the forty-fifth president of the United States said he was going to put America first. The wider international community, now have to plan for the probability that putting America first means Donald Trump is not going to continue to sink trillions of dollars trying to resolve recurring and insurmountable, international conflicts. 

As the World gets used to an inward looking North America, other countries will be increasingly expected to step-up and make a far larger contribution towards settling the World's conflicts themselves.
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20 March 2018

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14 March 2018

Will money, or structural change save Africa from celebrities?

1 billion people live in Africa
Since I was child there has been starvation in Africa, but fifty years on and in the run up to Sports Relief is it not now the time to acknowledge that the traditional approach to the African crisis is not working and that an alternative approach that focuses on structural change and increased equality across Africa is the way forward.

There are some African economic success stories, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa (although SA remains one of the most unequal society in the world) and promoting these and learning from their experience will, I believe, raise more money for those suffering than marketing Africa as a melting pot of illness, death and disease.

It's also time, perhaps, to listen more carefully to the people that actually live and work in Africa and listen a good deal less to those celebrities employed by charities and especially those celebrities who have avoided taxes and unearned fortunes at the same time as asking people less wealthy than themselves to dig deep.

If you want something to change then doing the same thing over and over again simply won't work. Maybe now is the time for a more positive approach to Africa where charitable organisations develop a different approach to the enduring and  complex problems that Africa faces and instead of having to put endless sticking plasters on Africa's problems, charities should work towards tackling the root causes of suffering and aim to reconstruct the economic and cultural support systems the Imperialist Europeans dismantled in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as devising ways to compensate the African people for the resources, the gold, diamonds and oil, that the colonisers stole from them. 

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Imperialism is the idea that dives the practice of Colonialism i.e. taking over of a country's government systems and culture by force. Colonisation is enforcing control on one country by another.
Slavery and the Scramble for Africa

22 February 2018

I bury the living | Morrissey

'A wretched outcaste with no point of view, what could I do - just military service...' Morrissey 2017