20 March 2020

Is Coronavirus a wake-up call for humans not to eat exotic animals?

The practice in Asia of keeping live animals alive at market because some people like to buy "warm meat" is the probable cause of the pandemic. The market trader of wild animals slaughter and butcher the creatures there and then, which runs a risk of contamination. These zoonotic viruses then become human viruses, just as measles started in animals. In a global world we have to change how we farm and eat meat. Coronavirus is a wake-up call and thankfully, with a the death currently running at rate at 2%, it's not as great a health risk to humans as some others, e.g. Ebola which has 50% death rate or Nipah virus that kills 70% of those exposed to it.

Hopefully lessons will be learnt from the Corona experience and humans will now think twice before eating wild animals.

Referencing: Professor Andrew Cunningham (expert in zootonic diseases) after listening to him on the BBC Monday 16th March 2020.

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