4 September 2016

Is Jeremy Corbyn the first true opposition to full-blown capitalism since Kinnock?

I've been thinking about the parliamentary labour party's critique of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership style and conclude that a lifetime in opposition and telling the truth about the falseness of the system is better than faking being a Tory just to win power.

Most politicians feel comfortable in the middle and happy to tweak the existing capitalist system without attempting to alter the balance of power. For example, even pulling out of the EU will make little difference to those that control the world's economy (the owners of capital) who carry on regardless of which version of capitalism is in place. The political system, therefore, is phoney in the sense that Labour and Conservative pretend to offer something different, but are really cut from the same cloth. i.e. Upper Middle/Middle Class capitalists. 

If this argument is true then the the Blair, Brown and Milliband years were just tinkering with the existing system. I believe that it's better for the country if we have political opposition that has a different view of how society should operate - even if they never get into power.  I am hoping that the Corbyn led Labour Party can achieve this.