9 August 2016

Should the Parliamentary Labour Party stop being ashamed of socialism?

The problem for the parliamentary labour party is that they have spent so long arguing for a sanitised version of capitalism that they appear to have forgotten what the Labour Party is for - which is argue for a better deal for workers and to oppose the dismantling of the welfare state - two objectives that help to even up the gap between the haves and have nots.

You don't change the political culture by pretending to a be a bit like the Tories in the hope that some of the less ruthless of them might vote for Labour. A more equal and fair society will only happen when the when the right wing of the Labour Party stop being ashamed of socialism and stand up for the interests of the people left behind by capitalists in both the Tory and Labour Party.

At the moment the honest way for a true socialist to act is to back Jeremy Corbyn.  Labour members that support free market capitalism can find a more natural home in the Conservative Party, or (even) resuscitate the SDP?