4 December 2018

Looking for that pefect gift for the boss?

What a surprise...
It was twenty years ago now that my old boss shouted:

'Has anyone seen my mug'.  Then, belted out across a crowed office, came the reply:

'It's the one with twat on it'

Let's face it, we all know one and wouldn't it be great if you could tell 'em how you really felt? The problem is though, you can't just come out and say it, not really, it's just not nice. Then again, whoever they are, they do need to know, so here's a few ways you can insult those you love to hate...
  1. The unsuspecting other half.  Chances are who ever gets the I'm a Twat Mug won't get it out the box staright away, but the first time they do they'll be the second to know.  If you can it's best to try to keep a straight face, this way you can repeatedly enjoy your victim's confidence drain away as they remember the last half dozen times they had a cuppa. 
  2. Just watch his face after he's loaded the dishwasher.  If whoever gets the mug usually does the washing up make sure they load the dishwasher when the mugs first used.  For maximum impact ask him to wash it up before all the dinner guests have left. 
  3. Important meetings. Just before the interview panel assemble switch their usual mugs for three of ours.
  4. Cup of tea for the boss. Not all bosses are pompous, self-satisfied arses, so take care not to emotionally destroy a good one, but, according to a recent survey, 99% of employers will recognise themselves when they get the mugs message.
Warning: Not to be given as presents to the blind, even if they are twats...
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