3 January 2018

Extarvaganza Beans with Toasted Bread

"I eat mine with a Scotch Egg"
Correctly executed baked beans can be a sublime dish. The tangy sweetness of baked beans with the crunch of a premium toasted wheatmeal is a welcome visitor to any dinner party table. 

  1. Place, or pour a tin of baked beans into a casserole dish, and soften until translucent
  2. Add a pinch of  Daddies, or other buff sauce
  3. After 30 minutes in a hot oven let the beans rest for 15 minutes
  4. Bring the bread to the heat of a toaster, or grill until light brown
  5. Serve with a sprig of sage from your garden, or a scattering of mixed herbs from a shop. 
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