29 November 2017

OUT means OUT

I argued to stay in the EU because I thought that leaving would damage workers rights and reasoned that trying to wriggle free of over 40 years enmeshed in European Union law would be a fiasco. 

The UK people have decided, albeit by a slender margin, that they want their Parliament and the British Courts to make the laws that govern them and a popular majority now expect the Government to face up to the fact that those who voted to leave the European Union didn't do so expecting the Conservative Party to contrive to remain part of the E.U. through membership of the Single Market. OUT, I think, should mean OUT.

The reality the country now faces is that being part of an Economic Customs Union, or Single Market effectively means (as near as makes no difference) the UK remaining within the E.U. This is incompatible with the wishes of those who wanted the UK to leave the E.U and believe that it is the British Parliament and not unelected EU bureaucrats that should EU making the laws that governs them.

Written the day after the Referendum: Brexit could take 10 years and might not happen at all