10 October 2017

Sh*t views of Truro Cathedral (View IV) | The View from Tesco Roundabout

Spoilt only by the large tree in the right near ground this appalling view of Truro Cathedral truly stinks.

New Book | Sh*t Views of Truro Catherdral
Before international superstores Mark's & Spenser and Tesco were built, the full splendour of Truro Cathedral could be seen from across the river at Malpas. Today that uplifting and spiritual vision of Truro Caherdral is obscured by the souless back-end of Marks & Sparks. To temper this unimaginative architectural eye-sore, thoughtful planners have allowed motorists exiting the roundabout after visiting the nearby industrial estate a tantilising a glimpse of Truro's magnificant central peak.

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