9 June 2017

Is Theresa May on borrowed time?

Socialists, Lib-Dems, Greens and other progressive thinkers, take heart, a minority Conservative Government is NOT sustainable.

Theresa May is in a real jam. She has failed to deliver the thumping majority she promised and has been forced, like David Cameron before her, to ask another political party to prop her up.

So what now? It's natural for a pragmatic party like the Conservatives, faced with these unstable circumstances, to shift policy to the left. There's signs of a shift to the left being planned already with Theresa May stating shortly after the election results that she wants to govern for "all the people", but there's a problem - a colossal problem. At the same time as needing to shift to the left to head-off the increasingly popular Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, to get the Remain orientated Soft Brexit she believes in, has got to placate the influential right-wing hard Brexiteers embedded within her own party. This reality is incompatible with need to move left and it is this that will haunt Theresa May until she resigns.

It's an unenviable position the Prime Minister finds herself which is why the Conservative Party has allowed Theresa May to stay on as leader - for now anyway. This flimsy state of affairs is not possible to sustain for long and another election (before too long) is inevitable.