1 February 2017

Collective Hysteria - Facebook Petitions and Donald Trump


Can Facebook polls stop Trump's visit?
There are people across Britain that are frightened about what Donald Trump is doing and fretting about whether he'll do all the things he's been promising to do for years. Demonstrators are taking to the streets and petitions delivered to No. 10 hoping that Facebook can reverse the American election result and prevent the President visiting Britain and meeting the Queen. 

As if the Queen of needs our permission to snub Trump? She could tell him to "Fuck Off" if she wanted. I mean, what's the point of being Queen, if she can't pick her own friends? Just for fun, because the Queen's considerably richer than Donald Trump, on Trump's terms at least, her majesty would be perfectly within her rights to grab Donald's balls... Anyway, enough of silly "locker-room talk" and back to the point.
So what's going on, and more to the point, why are the British political class whining incessantly about Donald Trump. Well, it seems to me that people are suffering a kind of collective hysteria, triggered by feelings of powerlessness exacerbated by the UK willingly burning it's bridges with the European Union. Only the Greens, the SNP and Lib-Dems want to reverse Brexit and get back in bed with the EU and, as a consequence, we're over a barrel, with nowhere to go but into Trumps arms.
Unfortunately for the UK, globalism has failed too many people in America, and so Trump, appears to have chosen a different approach. As a result of America's new vision the UK too is in danger of being dragged into a lengthy period of nationalism and protectionist that will widen the political divide with the EU and snuggle Britain up with Trump still further.
Rather than trying to cooperate fully in a global world America has decided, through President Trump, to draw in it's horns and hope that it can compete favourably with Communist China a little longer.
If people protest enough and sufficient Facebook petitions, will Donald Trump have second thoughts about the Mexican Wall, renege on his promise of  a strict immigration and stop putting America first?  

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