24 November 2016

When will the Conservative Party START to repay the UK's Colossal Credit Card?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (the person that's employed to look after the country's "money") said in Parliament yesterday that he had no idea when the UK would start to repay the country's National Debt. This is very worrying.

These same Conservatives repeatedly pilloried Labour after leaving office with a National Debt of £900bn. Now, with the UK National Debt projected by the Chancellor to continue to rise for an indefinite period, the National Debt is likely to top a staggering £2 Trillion (£2000 Billion) by 2020/21.

This morning the Conservative Party said  that the UK's National Debt is "NOT OUT OF CONTROL". Well, they have to say that, because, if they dare to tell the truth, their paymasters in the city and the misled minority that voted for them, might withdraw their support.

Following the Conservative Party's appalling admission that they have no clue when the debt the government plans to saddle our children with will stop rising, I leave you with this dire and sincere warning:

If the National Debt is not brought back under control the markets will come like a thief in the night and rob you of your savings, collapsing the value of your pension fund stuffed with stocks and shares ludicrously overvalued by a false confidence engineered to maintain the sickening delusion that one day promises ruin us all.

Sources: Autumn Statement UK Gov
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PS. Margaret Thatcherfor all her flaws, will be turning in her grave.

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