8 September 2015

Labour Leadership 2015 | Why I voted for Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn | The return of conviction politics...
I am uncomfortable with the idea put about by Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, and even Hilary Benn, 
that the only way for Labour to win power is to appear more like the Conservatives. I prefer instead a Labour leader unashamed of socialist values and not afraid to challenge a political system that threatens the weak and impedes progress towards achieving a more equal society.

With more people suffering from austerity policies designed to clear up the mess left by the collapse of the banking system in 2008, now is not the time for Labour to give up on itself, or its core supporters.

If you believe in Conservative values, right-wing ideas on austerity, dismantling the Welfare State and privatising (contracting out) the NHS, then you already have a party to represent you. What I and millions of others would like is a political party that puts an alternative view. I want a leader of the opposition that votes against measures designed to damage the Welfare State set-up by the Labour Party after the Second World War and not one that supports the Conservative Party by sitting on their hands and abstaining.

The fact is that, unless David Cameron makes calamitous mistake on one of the big issues the British public are stuck with a Conservative Government for the best part of another five years. What the Country needs right now is a strong opposition to Conservative ideas on Welfare, Housing, and Education and, in my view, the only candidate with the ideological backbone to challenge those ideas, is Jeremy Corbyn.