24 May 2015

How much will my wedding cost?

It’s spring and at this time of year we see a big jump is orders of Wedding Cards & Gifts at Kate’s.  With over a quarter of a million weddings each year in England and Wales alone and nigh on 100 guests attending a typical wedding, it’s not hard to work out why we’re so busy. If newly Weds receive 100 to 150 cards and get half as many wedding presents, that’s over 40 million cards to buy and 20 million gifts. 

It’s not always been boom-town though. The last thirty-five years have seen a general decline in marriage.  Until recently couples getting hitched were at their lowest for a 100 years.  Today, though, despite more people marrying later in life, getting married is popular again.

Latest official figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that couples’ tying the knot in England and Wales has increased 5.3%, to 262,240.  With more people getting married away from the traditional church wedding, in castles, stately homes, and so on, the event itself is becoming much more glamorous and appealing.  This trend and the liberalisation of marriage that allows couples to be married in more places than ever and with whomever they want, has also contributed to the increase since 2007.

Interesting Fact | 7 out of 10 wedding were civil ceremonies a number that has almost doubled in ten years

The wedding magazine Hitched has also put some figures together and, after factoring in some adjustments of our own, we have put the cost of a typical UK wedding at an eye-popping £33,366. So where does all that money get spent?  Well, roughly, the cost of a wedding is split three ways: First, the money dished out getting the 100, or so guests to the wedding and entertained one way or another.  Another chunk of cash pays for the Wedding Day itself and the rest is spent on the Honeymoon.

Interesting Fact | Most men and women marry between 25 & 29.

Let’s have a closer look at where all that dosh, that could have been a deposit on a house, actually ends up being spent on a Wedding...

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