15 April 2015

Writing for Business | Jo Grundy | Profile

So taken aback was Kate by the Jo Grundy range of Greetings Cards that she ordered the lot.

Jo Grundy’s love of nature and English landscapes comes through powerfully in her art and her ability to capture the ever changing seasons lends itself perfectly to greetings cards.

“Because I live by the sea and love my coastal walks these lovely button-finished flowers look to me like they are looking out to sea (always the most mesmerising thing to do) looking out to the white water of the waves crashing at the shore. You can almost hear the seagulls and smell the sea air,” says Kate Malt, Partner at Love Kate’s.

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Like Kate, her customer’s love Jo Grundys' art-cards too, so we thought it were about time we get to know the artist a little better.

Brought up surrounded by nature and the beautiful English countryside Jo Grundy was born on a West Berkshire farm and, naturally, was  inspired by it all.

“Growing up on a farm and in the countryside gave me a lovely childhood with a lot of freedom to roam around all that land, although our farm wasn't massive at around 70 acres. My paintings often contain birds and animals to give that sense of wander lust and freedom.”

For Jo it’s as if the birds represent the freedom she enjoyed as a child. The gift to explore given to her by her parents growing up in the beautiful Berkshire countryside appears somehow to mirror the gift of flight given to the birds.

“I think we have all had dreams about flying... 

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