9 January 2014

It's the Handy Ideas "It's not really a fish" gadget sale...

Cheap to keep and just £19.95 in the sale

You can't have January without a sale so we're kicking off 2014 at Handy Ideas by knocking down the prices of some of our niftiest gadgets.  

In the sale this year you'll find fun novelties like a watch that runs backwards, socks that look like sneakers and a 70s style, iPhone playing  cassette player, but if it's bargain gadgets you're after you won't be disappointed either. Here are five that you can pick up for as low as £1.95. 

Don't worry, it's not really a fish. We do gadgets, not pets, but this electronic gold fish certainly had the cat fooled. Brilliant fun for under £20 and the kids will love watching fishy swimming about in his bowl too.
Keep your iPad safe for just £24.95

If you need to waterproof your iPad this is the gadget for you. Whether it's by the pool, or taking a dip in the bath your iPads' protected up to a metre. The touch screen works through the Aqua Case when wet too and is great for taking under water shots too.

One-size fits all iBallz tablet protection
The next bargain gadget to tempt you with is the one of the best tablet protection systems we've ever seen. The iBallz unique shock absorbing system is easy to use and holds your tablet firmly so you can use it at an angle like a keyboard and will prevent that expensive smash if your iPad's dropped...

Thumbs up SIM Card Remover | Only £1.95
Have you ever had to remove your iPhone SIM? Well, it isn't the easiest, so the next time you have to switch SIMS you might want to have one of these.  The Thumbs up SIM Card Remover looks good on your keyring and when you need it all you have to do is press a button and out pops the special prong that'll help you get that SIM out in a hurry. PS. Please don't be tempted to use a twisted paperclip to get you iPhone SIM out - our little gadget is under £2 in the sale...

iPhone battery back-up for just £15.95

There's pages of gadgets in the Handy Ideas Sale, but here's just one more little gem we think you'll love. It's a snazzy portable back-up battery for your iPhone/Pod.

Imagine your just about to take that special selfie, download the App you really need, or finish off that tricky Candy Crush level and the power's running out. Annoying isn't it. Will the iPhone last long enough on the red bar this time? Who knows? Well, now you needn't worry because when your out and about with your iPower Station you'll have all the back up you need.

See you in the sale...

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