9 December 2010

Picking Up Edgar | Part 2 - Flash Fiction

The first time he saw them together was at one of Finchburys’ Christmas bashes. That was ten years ago now, but Edgar wouldn’t forget it in a hurry. He'd had never seen a man grab tits that way before – not both simultaneously anyway. True, one Sunday before mass, Edgar had seen his dad fiddling about under his mum’s side of the duvet, but nothing as blatant as this, and certainly not in front of the Rector.

After a few minutes waiting for Edgar to wake from his day-dream, Jacqueline continued her instructions. ‘You are going to have to go-to-ground for a while.’ Edgar, conscious of the bulge developing in his mustard cords twisted in his seat, ‘Yah, okay, let things die down a tad?’

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