14 September 2017

Bernie Sanders | How dividing people keeps the top 1% in power

Should all secondary schools have a visit from someone like Bernie Sanders? Well if you're one of the powerless 99% read on

The Democrat US Senator agrues that if a person is asked whether they want more investment in health and education they say of course they do. More schools, hospitals, police on the streets and so on it's a no-brainer... So why on earth do US Republicans and UK Conservatives, whose heart is not really in the public provision of health and education, win power?  According to Bernie Sanders the answer is simple - by dividing people.

The theory goes that by dividing people up into categories, gay-straight, women-men, black-white, christian-muslim, right-wing politicians distract people from the real cause of their problems and win elections. With with the help of the mass media Republican and Conservative politicians on either side of the Atlantic find that creating division beteen people is a far more effective way of winning votes than bringing people together, by investing in universal healthcare, education and decent pay and conditions at work.
It is therefore not a complete surprise that after the collapse of the banking system in 2008 and the austerity that followed, that the Republican Party had to rachet-up division in America and to achieve this they chose as their leader Donald Trump who, perhaps unwittingly, only reigns in ordeer to divide the American people and in so doing preserve Republican right-wight capitalism that serves the top 1% so well.  

Speaking to a group of US high-school students, fourteen years before Donald Trump was elected US President, Bernie Saunders puts the argument against division brilliantly and it's well worth a listen. 

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